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Our Services

At “THE JYOTISH ASTROLOGY,” we offer you various astrology services related to your life at affordable prices.

The following are the service you can avail through our website:

Match making

We do personalized match-making consultation through Kundli-matching to check the compatibility between two individuals, a boy or a girl.

Job suggestions

Youngsters can sometimes be confused about their dream jobs. For a settled career, you can talk to our astrology experts to get job suggestions for your career and get a stable job.


Every parent knows that child education is very important. Students may face some problems in their educational field. We provide you a path to success through our astrology services in your child’s academic life also.

Muhurat ( auspicious time)

We know auspicious time is very important for any occasion. We provide you accurate “Muhurat” time for any personalized occasions like new home decor, office décor, and any other personal functions.

Birth time rectification

You can get correct predictions only if you have the correct birth date and time from your birth horoscope. Consult now for Birth time rectification astrology service.

Annual Horoscope

Here know about accurate annual horoscope predictions of all the zodiac signs. We provide you annual horoscope predictions reports about you and your family members.

Complete Horoscope reading

You will get daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope predictions. We offer our readers to get complete horoscope reading about their life through our website.

Signature modification

A harmful signature can harm your life and become an obstacle in your daily life. Consult our experienced astrologists and get your lucky signature curated.

alphabet selection

A major population of Indians believes in selecting the names based on birth star calculated by the Astrologer. Select a name with the help of astrology. Get in touch with our astrologists and find the lucky letter for the name.

Our Team

Our Horoscope experts

Rajesh Chand Dadwal

Rajesh Chand dadwal,retired from job but practising astrologer since 1991…   

Nidhi Rajesh

Nidhi Rajesh,A numrologist and also Post graduate and PGDT from Delhi University and MBA. ..   

Shally Grover

Shally Grover, Post Graduate from Delhi University, a successful naturopath and astrologer…   

Acharya Gobindum

Shri Gobindum, postgraduate from Delhi University and also completed his Jyotish…   

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